Martin Herczeg



About me

Justice and the considerations associated with it have occupied my head ever since I can remember. Eventually, the desire for knowledge won out, and that was what led me to study law.  I see the law as a universally powerful tool that can change anything around us, and that is why I strive to constantly improve my working methods. The theoretical knowledge about them is provided to me by the school, and I am learning to effectively transform it into the living world of law in our office.

In my free time, I play sports and spend time with family and friends, ideally with a good coffee.

I speak English fluently and passively Russian.

Practice & Experience

My job in the office is continuous help and support for lawyers in cases that we solve together for our clients. In addition to the above, I monitor European and national legislative changes, courts' decision-making activity and research the literature to keep up with legal progress. Last but not least, I manage the social networks of our office so that they thrive on engaging and valuable content.

I also take care of our foreign clientele, to whom we provide comprehensive immigration services in Slovakia through our ARRIVALS project. In addition, I am responsible for maintaining and developing client relationships for the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia & the Pacific.

In addition to my studies, I work as a scientific support force in commercial law at the Department of Civil and Commercial Law, Faculty of Law, Trnava University in Trnava. I participate in the department's scientific activities, and I devote myself to my own publishing activities.


Faculty of Law, University of Trnava (since 2019)