Ján Falath, J.D., B.Sc.


Attorney at Law

About Me

I perceive law as a living organism, in all of its interrelations and from a higher perspective. When representing clients, I think strategically, with foresight, I am persistent and precise. I keep on searching for solutions until I am sure that the client’s economic or other interests are safe.

I am a passionate traveler, explorer, adventurer, and a sportsman to the core. I believe that the journey is more important than the destination, and I discover the beauty of the world through science, art, culture, and gastronomy.

I speak fluent English, passive German, and Italian.

Practice & Experience

As a transaction lawyer, I primarily focus on real estate development, investments and project financing, technology, intellectual property, and media law. In the field of commercial and corporate law, I create and negotiate a wide range of contracts. I also specialize in privacy & data protection, employment law, and administrative law, including regulation in various industries.

As a litigator, I have gained valuable experience in handling complex cases involving mainly real estate projects and construction, major commercial disputes, frustrated investments, competition (antitrust), medical & pharmaceutical law, and personal injury.

I defend clients in criminal proceedings, and I also advise in sensitive family law matters.

Qualifications & Memberships

Slovak Bar Association (SBA)
International Bar Association (IBA)
International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG)


Founder & Board Member of a Financial Group

“From my experience, I would point out the speed and flexibility on delivering services for both Slovak as well as international projects, where he proved to be consistent, capable of working in the English language without compromise and, last but not least, fully competent to organize and coordinate work with legal advisors in other jurisdictions.”

Manager for Executive of Third Parties at the World's Largest Real Estate, Facility Management, Project Management & Investment Company

“As I have a great responsibility for selecting and executive management of only talented companies, I chose Mr Falath as a lawyer precisely because he significantly outperforms other Slovak lawyers in critical matters. The main thing is that he is constantly working on himself and educating himself, which shows the quality of his work that I am delighted with. Furthermore, since I started studying law myself, I know very well that he is very precise in providing legal services and has excellent fast reaction times. As a bonus, he also has a very human approach to the client, which is not always the case for other lawyers. For some, the price of services is more motivating than the commitment and responsibility to deliver quality. For these reasons, I recommend Mr Falath, as a lawyer, to anyone who wants to have their legal services in order, which I consider vital in this world.”

Division Director of a Television Broadcaster

“He is a professional possessing powerful yet broad knowledge in the field of law. He was always very prompt and reliable handling of our requests. I consider Mr. Falath number one because of his unique and powerful feature, which is rare in the lawyers’ world and that is creativity with which he reacts to challenging and ever-changing media environment and to our specific commercial needs. He has the skill to transform difficult business concepts into legal and contractual frameworks and to see the whole context and consequences a few steps ahead. Professionalism, expertise. But he has much more in store – the ability to define the legal keystone, find a solution, and talk about the issue openly while naming potential hazards. While working with him, I got the impression he truly cares for our things to work out well for us.”

Founder & CEO of an Energy Supplier

“He is a very reliable partner for us when it comes to any commercial engagement in the Slovak market. It is a great feeling knowing that you have such a reliable partner on your side who is willing to put in all the work to meet your business needs, and he does so every time and with high precision. On top of everything, it is a pleasure of meeting him in person, because what counts is not only truly effective cooperation but also the time well spent.”

Director of a Leading European Cosmetics Brand

“Being constantly informed and led by a law firm is becoming increasingly important, especially if you run a large company. Still, it is even more essential to find the right lawyer, which is not always easy. This has been the case with Mr Falath from the beginning, even during his previous tenure in other law firms. When we were looking for a new lawyer, he made a real difference. He is a true professional, very well prepared, competent, clear, transparent, fast, flexible and determined; these characteristics have been associated with him for many years. Mr Falath says that he is looking for solutions until the client's economic or other interests are safe, and I can confirm that this is precisely the case.”

Founder & CEO of a Software Developer

“We only have a positive experience with Jan over the years. He is always engaged towards our requests and shows a lot of expertise due to his specializations. Based on our experience so far, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.”“

Founder & CFO of a Gastronomy Group

“Our cooperation has been very professional on each front. I like that Jan takes care of details and finds the right solution even for more difficult disputes. Another thing that I appreciate a lot is that he meets deadlines reliably all the time and his short reaction time to suggestions. The results of our cooperation so far have always been positive and to our satisfaction. I recommend Jan, especially for his attitude towards clients, communication, and the ability to win.”